Why is there soil/sand in the bag and on the product?

We harvest all of our vegetables in the field and do not wash them prior to packaging. As such, soil can remain within the leaves.  Separating the leaves and thoroughly washing will prepare the product for serving.

Why is there an insect within the leaves of my product?

Just like soil, insects are naturally occurring in a field harvest operation.  Since we don’t wash the product before packaging, on occasion, insects can remain within the leaves. Thoroughly washing the product will make it perfect for serving.

How do I keep my celery fresh?

We find that the best way to store celery is in water.  Clean your celery by cutting off the bottom, root end, and trimming the tops. Cut your celery to the desired length and place it in a water tight container.  Fill with water until the celery is covered, put a lid on the container and place it in your refrigerator.  The cold water keeps the stalks nice and crisp. Your celery should last 1 1/2 to 2 weeks.

Can I recycle the bag my produce came in?

Yes, all of our bags are a #4 recycle category.  Not every waste management facility accepts every category, so check with your local facility for more information.

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